Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"


I would give higher than a 10 but this game KICKS ASS
Nice =D
Keep up the good work and make 3 fast plz O-O
\__/ :D

well thought out game

it was all good but the mouse was extremely slow. i also had alot of trouble getting guys to move when i wanted them to. i double clicked and they wouldnt do anything and they werent in battle. ignoring slowness and anoyying guys.... good game.

This game rocks.

This game was awesome, even though it was ALOT like warcraft it was awesome but a little too difficult in some levels.

Its cool

Everything was good, but all i saw was blank boxes and i just clicked random stuff, then i got the the game, but i was confused

This game RULES!

Not much more to say. Also to the guy reviewing before me the bluring thing is a result of it changeing to low quality when you move. There is something in the menu that lets you keep it at high quality when you move though(I think).