Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"


Dude I love this game and every thing about it i hope you make more!
(som uch to say ittl take to long)


i have completed the game 5 times now fully and am near my 6th...
this has gave me a full analasis of the game.
the speech is mildly annoying but im glad you put in the turn off feature! phew!
this is an excellent game and the style is very professional.
the in game choices and options are chosen well, which means you worked very hard!
the graphics are brilliant and the game story line is very good.
but if you do make a sequel... which i hope you do...
add a custom mode... where you can choose what orcs you face what buildings they have, what things you can get and play unlimited.
this would be a great feature or a brilliant prize for finishing the game!

this is a game hard to get bored of and is an excel in all stages


make the apprentices stronger... or have a special ability, which makes them good... rather than just useless glowing hand numpties wearing funny coloured jackets

this is one of my favorite games

please make a sequel asap!

thx :P ;)

Joelasticot responds:

Thanks for the great comments and for wasting so much of your time on my game :P

However, don't expect a sequel... RTS games are painful to make, so I'll be working on a different game.


Really great. I loved the first one, but this was better. Really though, the first one was short. ^_________________^;; Anyways, I'm looking forward to the third one.

Also, I'm stuck on level four. I killed everyone, but ... .______________.


This kind of reminded me of Warcraft if it was 2-d. Nice Job, 10 times better then the first.


hey i know some of you have been having trubel with quest number 5 i will give you a hint try to retreat a lot it will help your army survive and make shure you keep your archers alive they are helpfull