Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"

it's a real challenge...it's good

how long did this take? don't mean to be nosy....just wondering....was it hard to make? how many bugs did it have?
i know...way to many questions...
you can go ahead and answer them in your own time...oh and is there going to be another one? if so, when will you make it/submit it?

the second one is pretty good

pretty fun but too easy my hero kill 8 orcs by himself (i know a cheat).

good... one problem

ok if you are trying to ripoff warcraft good job mission acomplished you just stole some of the sounds from that game emulated the orc v human style in warcraft 2

other than that good job

Joelasticot responds:

Hey, you really are an idiot huh? "you just emulated the orc v human style in warcraft 2" Do you have any idea of the effort put into this game? And do you know how it's a fucking pain to create a RTS completely in Flash? Before you make yourself look like a fool, think about the hundreds of lines of coding and the hours of work that are put into the making of Flash games.


Well... I played the first one, that was good. This was quite an improvement.

Looking back at all the other reviews, many people couldn't work out several of the interactive commands because they hadn't looked at the instructions, well people will always be idiots.

I had no problem at all with the interactions. The AI was well set and the style of the game was nice too. The music sounded a bit lower quality than the original but still it went well into the theme of the game. The interactions did have minor bugs at some area's but other than that it was great. When i say bugs i mean that sometimes when you highlight several men with the highlighting square, nothing happens... but upon a second attempt it works.

So yeah, it's a nice game, makes me wanna go play AOE2 now... Hasta Lauego!

Joelasticot responds:

Thank god! Good comments about the AI! And yes, most of the time, people complaining about the controls are too dumb to read the tutorial, or the author's comment.

id give it a 8.4 overall but i rounded it up inste

This game is aswome so is the first one keep up the good work!!!!!!!