Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"

good but.....

it sees like a 2-D version of WC 3 /2 / 1 with the sounds and the upgrades. it got boring for me after the first mission


i cant command my people... after i got to lvl 4 it stopped working completely...

whares thows updates.

i love the game, ive beat it time and time again for fun, i love pumping my character up after u beat it once and get all the cool weapons and armor and stuff..... anyways whares thows fire arrows and diffficuly level it talk about at the loading screen for like 2 years, id love to see it or it in a sequel, this is like the only game i like on new grounds.... along with stick war=gg for lyfe

Joelasticot responds:

lol These updates aren't coming, sorry. There's something better in the works, though!


it was ok i guess the first one wasnt as good as this one tho so its improved.

Enjoyable, but it has a few flaws

It was for the most part enjoyable, but it has a few flaws which could've been improved, for instance making it clearer how to retreat when in battle, or making it easier for that matter. Also having a function to select one specific unit at a time rather than having to click all over the place until you get the one you want (Usually when there are 6+ units out this happens) Also something to make the units more discernible, for instance different colors or shades of color similar to how the royal knight is gold, which makes them discernible.

But as I said, it was enjoyable and pretty strong for a defense/adventure game and its strengths greatly outweigh it's flaws.