Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"

this game has a lot of issues

one not all things are in tutorial ..like the retreat. two these things have a mind of it's own...you can try to make thme attack one thing but the do the other. it has feeling of a good game...just needs more options to retune.

wasnt bad but wasnt good either

while the story line doenst just go every where, its not a hard game to play there are no inteligences of the enemy so they just sit there until you go near them, if you have a archer in the group the group of enemys tend to walk past your soldiers first then go for the archers kind point less i though so.

i think

it would be fun IF I COULD FIGURE IT OUT review didtnt help

Really fun

The music was epic, the game play reminded me of warcraft series, and it was VERY addicting! GREAT game :D

it may be a bootleg warcraft

but its still really good for a flash strategy needs more but good