Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"

dude this rocks

id have to say that this game is pretty good.
youve obvieusly spend a lot of time making it.
congrats you should be proud!


I have to admit while writing this that i loved the first game, I also have to admit that this game does not disappoint. There are a few places where you could improve (double clicking to get around) and a few technical errors (if you dont build 8 units or lose some units on lvl 4 then u need to build more, no notice about that) but besides that, it was rather deep, lots of content and a nice upgrade system for the hero. My only real gripe with this game is the pace; at times it is quick, smooth and very fun. But, when you have to wait 10 minutes to build a base and enough troops to take out your enemy. That is the only thing i think the first one did better.

Never the less; there is alot of variety here and an emense amount of content for a flash game. A personal gem for me and somewhat unexpected.

Dam good job!


how do you move on the secong lvl

its ok

i think its a nice game.oh,and hail the penguin's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was really well done

i loved it and it really beats the already good Battlegrounds but i have one minor problem one level two no matter what i do none of my men respond to my movement commands and i assume this might be a glitch since you are still upgrading but please take a look at this i really tried everything even telling them to move on top of the cave and around it

otherwise VERY VERY GOOD