Reviews for "Deadeye"

Great Game

Hit Ratio - 89%
Bullets Fired - 96
Bullets Hit - 85
Final Score on Hardcore - 26427

Awesome game dude keep it up.

My Result

Hit Ratio = 94%
Bullets Fired = Many
Target Hit = More than YOU

Just kidding.
12540 points on Hardcore

Man, now i know why i hate Half-Automatic Guns.
And i hate those DUCKS, cause i can`t give this assholes an Headshot.

Oh, i forgot to say this game `s cool.

I love it

i got 14640 points in hardcore

Didn't like this game

At least from a lap top user's standpoint. In hindsight, this game would be fun if I had a mouse to use, instead of a touch and click feature on this laptop :@

I'll give you a better rating, but I'm not really happy with the limited ability to play this game on a laptop. Sorry bud.


you ruined my streak... watched 4 things before this and they got 5 this only get s 3. Just like a 3 it's average i would have given it a 4 but i shot this one target 3 times and the damn thing still kept movin but it's still a good shooting game.