Reviews for "Deadeye"

I thought that this was mostly as good as it should be. What I didn't understand was how it was a bit too simple. It mostly helps that I'm good at this. It had been forever since I'd played it and I was doing well at Veteran. It's nice to have different difficulties. The pacing is also rather well done.

For some reason, I just like the sound effects in this, particularly when you hit your target. It gives off the notion of authenticness. You probably could have had more of a background with this. As the game goes, it doesn't need to be too detailed. It's just fun.

Fun, But

sketchy play

i ts

its OK not that challeging


it got annoying after a while

Very addictive

Simple yet awesome and addictive game. Got 91 % on hardcore.

9 outta ten for me!