Reviews for "Shoo Fly"

um... yea its ok i guess

dont realy see the story line

good addicting but not worth while

when i watched it it was fun seen how a young anime girl was trying to hit a fly per a single mintue but there could have been so much to add from VO's to background and a little interactivity could have been good but not much to do here i gave it an 8 while i could given a 6 or 7 becuse i liked the art design and how the music went with the total movie in conclusion we have a good artistic work with animation and sound but could have add'n more to make it greater work but i would like to see more of you're work in the future and i would be happy to review them

Like it

Kick ass graphics all i can say!


obvoiusly took a shitload of time on dat huh... lol


ok the fly had some skills ill give it that but still its a dang fly kill the lil guy. other then that its a really good flash