Reviews for "Shoo Fly"

And then the fly beacme a Hokage.

This is a huge part of what made the Newgrounds experience so great for me back in the day. And I still come back to watch this for inspiration. I'm sure I'm not alone in this!

I would love to see some new work - you have the touch for this, so to speak, and it would be neat to see where it's evolved to nowadays - and if you haven't had time to make anything since, that's okay, too! If you ever feel like posting something new, I get the feeling (if you're the same way about these things as me) even if you produce something you consider substandard, we'll still gobble it up and look with hungry eyes for more tasty treats. And yes, I'm just being greedy... xD

Just allowing myself to comment in parallel about my own growth: when I'd not produce music for a while, yes, I'd get rusty, but sometimes I'd come up with fresh ideas, do something odd and clunky and spur on new works from there. Sometimes, the next work would suck, as a getting-back-on-my-feet type of deal. But it's like riding a bicycle. You quickly refresh that "muscle memory" and get back to where you were. And then progress beyond it.

In that regard, I hope the silence on NG means you've found commercial success with your skill, as opposed to just shelving this shiny jewel of a talent to do a different/unrelated day job. Not saying it's easy - clearly the bits you have posted have taken a gargantuan effort and time investment to complete. But at the end of the day, wasn't it worth it to just step back, say "wow" and admire the result of a process that took an idea and made it tangible? Cheers.

The dramatic timing is perfect, and the animation looks great and works well. All around an awesome video.

Loved it. really funny.

"Final Fantasy A+" was a tough act to follow, but you did it! I only wish this was longer. I did look up Mickey Mousing! Thank you for making me learn about that. I was so impressed by the animation. You really did show a lot in a brief time.

I love how you show something so mundane like this. It helps that the music is incredible. You won all the awards, just like last time. You deserve your popularity here. Please come back.