Reviews for "{dj-N} Multi-Mel"


The intro was just Original, Creative and most of all AWESOME , The track has a nice melody, drums are supporting the track giving it a good style, the other synths are pretty good, nice structure.


Ruben -Acid Paradox-

dj-Nate responds:

Thanks man!

holy crap...

dude, one, er a few words.... lemme think now...
how many cans of Epic did u drink to evolve this masterwork. seriously, this song is far byond mortal words, you make me speechless again.
full scores, and a DL.
_-Mach 2-_


This one is epic song. dunno wut to say, just amazing. Keep up the super awesome work :).



i use head phones caue my parents would get angry, but i love the tingling in your ears...lol?

RE: Melody

So you have you hands deep in the paint of melodies and youre quite comfortable there, you should try putting together a song with 3 melodies that work a main, rythm melody, and a counter melody if you have knowledge of music theory or just happen to know about that, i think you could pull that off brilliantly with your piano skillz :D