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Reviews for "¥Serbya"


Umm im serbian and this thing makes no sense... actually it sucks!
And its Serbia not serbya...
Anyway im giving it a 1/5 just because u actually wasted some time for making such a piece of CRAP

smackhouse responds:

Serbia not serbya...
O SHIT RLY!!! Is paly spelt P-L-A-Y aswell?


but weird is good...kooky stuff yo.


this short animation is pretty well done and the audio is funny but i like how strange it is. of course the brevity is a bit of a letdown but the noise effect is pretty tasty.


lol! :D it was strange....and nice reviews btw.......

p.s. if u r making a movie about a country try making it longer or anything more interesting..... ;]


i love your reviews :)