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Reviews for "Free Falling Through Clouds"


I loved this song. iT was awesome.
It inspired me to try something nw and write this song. (sounds quite similar. lol)
Thanx for working my brain


Wow, it's been a while since I've listened to anything as remarkable as this on the portal. XD

I love that transition at 2:22. It drives me insane. I mean, literally. There's a hole in my wall, and well, "all thanks to you" seems to suffice. :3

Brilliant job!

ioneofmany responds:

Wow really? Haha well I'm glad you liked it! Thanks everyone for the awesome reviews! :)

pretty sweet!

i like it, nice and smooth, but core!

mind telling me what the bell instrament is?


You are totally right man, Christmas is the best, not even the middle of Summer can beat the awesomeness of Christmas time! Great song man, amazing bass, cool leads, sweet melodies, awesome composition, crazy fills and yay for me using a different adjective on every compliment just now! I would be really honored if a great dance artist like yourself checked out some of my songs and maybe even reviewed one or two. My song [IMD]~Summer Lights is #9 on the best tracks list right now if you wanna give it a listen! God bless, man!
(BTW I am in awe of the awesome lead and what-not at 2:22! I know this word is overused but it is truly EPIC!)
!IceMasterDlux ><>

ioneofmany responds:

Thanks for taking the time to leave me the sweet review man! I'll definitely check out some of your stuff. :)

-- Chris

Really Epic.

I can seriously imagine a pixelated character from one of those 90's games free falling XD! Nice name and epic music. I have one question what software do you people use to make these epic peices. Please let me know :D