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Reviews for "Free Falling Through Clouds"

Great work

Chris, you've done an amazing job on this. Not too sure of the bass, see it's a bit too...I don't know how to put it, fuzzy? But it's a really great song.

Just wondering what program you used to make this/you other songs?

ioneofmany responds:

I like to use FL Studio 9 and a ton of external plugins/samples. Thanks for the review! :)

Not one of your Favs. :(

Dude this is one of my Favs. You are going into my Favorite Artist. I hope that the finished product will be out soon! I love you man you are just so talented with what you do! XD

ioneofmany responds:

It's because of people like you why I love to post stuff online...
I really appreciate the support... hopefully it only grows from here!


-- Chris


All I got to say is "Dammmmmn" The intro to the song drew my intention and after that I was hooked like a salmon to a fishing line. The melody was soothing and made me jump outta my chair and dance. XD
Hope to hear more from ya' :D

ioneofmany responds:

Sweet! :D Thanks for the awesome reviews man! I've read all of them! :)

-- Chris

Loved it

Loved it so much I used it for the PvP video I made for the game League of Legends. It's so elegant yet rocking.

Citing the usage :]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPrZ02 1Fm3Q

ioneofmany responds:

Yaaaayyyy! :D

I play HoN hehe.


This is great!! No repetitiveness, good change of pace and instruments, overall really good! Good synths too. Loved it! I like how it starts out slow and then gradually gets louder.