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Reviews for "Free Falling Through Clouds"


ur funny this isnt one of my bests ha well shit its pretty damn awsome for not being one of ur bests lol


Wow, it's been a while since I've listened to anything as remarkable as this on the portal. XD

I love that transition at 2:22. It drives me insane. I mean, literally. There's a hole in my wall, and well, "all thanks to you" seems to suffice. :3

Brilliant job!

ioneofmany responds:

Wow really? Haha well I'm glad you liked it! Thanks everyone for the awesome reviews! :)


I loved this song. iT was awesome.
It inspired me to try something nw and write this song. (sounds quite similar. lol)
Thanx for working my brain

Couldn't stop dancing :D lol!

WOW! as soon as I heard this I got up and started dancing. But I really love how you used the harser sounding and softer sounding sounds together and still managing to keep the same feeling and mood of the songs title. I also loved the ending beat of the bass and drums. This song is now one of my all-time favs. That was truly one hell of a free fall lol!


Really nice song, discovered it thanks to Dartkun's vid xDDD

ioneofmany responds:

Wait...It's used in a vid somewhere?? That's truly awesome! :D