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Reviews for "Free Falling Through Clouds"

Kind of Bad for Nexus

I mean you used the HELL out of that synth man... The Bells seemed WAY to loud, and so did the Lead.

For the Life of me I just hate how it sounds so christmas-y

very nice and unique

i have no excuse as to why i haven't written a review for this or, hell, listened to this for that matter, this is another very good work, about a third through the song it starts to make kind of a rough transition, and the music gets a bit rougher than the beginning of the song leads you to believe it's gonna be, but it's still very enjoyable, if you get around to working out the finer points of this, making it an up to date song with the current tech you use and your standards for your music, i would say that this would definitely be one of your best, the instrumentation is just awesome as usual, love it, keep em' coming :)

pretty sweet!

i like it, nice and smooth, but core!

mind telling me what the bell instrament is?

welli haven't voted for a while.

but that isn't going to stop me from writing a good review for you, i am actually getting a headache trying to compregend how you were thinking when this was made. the transitions are rough but they aren't unappealing, actually quite the opposite and im givin a 9-5 cus the transitions were a little quick and a little harsh but im still enjoying it, if you have to say this isn't ur best then i wanna hear ur best gimme a hallar as to wut you feel ur best is!! ima look out for more from ya!. \=-)


Very good song, my sort of thing keep up the good work.
P.S. some parts of the song have a wintery feel to it. It kinda put me in a christmassy mood.

ioneofmany responds:

That's my favorite time of year! It was made around that time as well... :) Glad to hear it!