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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"

Hell yes

I think I just found something else to add to my favorites list... mainly to show people who throw out the words "fucking furry" every sentence. Your subtitles were hilarious too- "LMAONAISE" is in itself worth a dictionary description. More than amusing.

Wonchop responds:

I demand 10p for everyone who says that (or whatever the equal value is in whatever currency)

Pretty nice random shit!

Hey Wonchop! It's Avek Vaer the Fire Lizard again!

A rather very nice flash this is and hilariously random too! I love how Mango keep on rambling nonsense about his.... fur? (I know what furries are! :D ) I also love the humor and random such as YU GI HO! card and time warp! Also, the ending just got the best of me with Orc Porn! Excellent!

The graphic is top-notch as well as humor in this flash, they are really excellent and really part of your personality and persona that make who you are! I love it! Also, I know that you admitted to having some bad voice and I pretty much agree, but I think the overall voice work fit pretty well to the flash and still could be improved upon. Style is.... well.... pretty much the same since it is Lock Legion and Wonchop flash at the same time and it didnt feel new. That all right because I just gave you the 5 for everything!

One more thing... LONG LIVES THE FURRIES! (yeah that right, I'm a Furry!)

Your Friend and Your Truly,
-Avek Vaer the Fire Lizard!

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D

Haha, great

Very funny, are you (wonchop) cloudlock??

Wonchop responds:



Fuckedy fuck! That's one stupid mango. Damn he knew many words at least.

Wonchop responds:

hehe yeah


Absolutely hilarious! It was incredibly funny, especially mango repeatedly saying 'F***!' The drawings were nice as well. I also liked the way you voiced the characters! Awesome!