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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"



Orc Porn...


Anyway, usually I'm not into lock legion films but this is actually funny!

P.S. I gave it a 4 for violence because of how violently that guy was jerking off at the end. O_O

Wonchop responds:

Highly. I regret not putting a friction gradient there.


..has just made my day.

I'm still chuckling over that last gag.

Orc porn.


Great job, my friend. And I love CloudLock's voice; I wouldn't have been able to tell you had a stuffy nose if you hadn't mentioned it.

In conclusion; well done.

Wonchop responds:

Heh, I guess it's kinda like when Pheobe had a cold.
This chick sounds good.

It was maybe a little too sweary...

But it was funny anyway :D

Wonchop responds:


lol orc porm?

did they ever find a term for someone who fapps to orc porn (glow)

Wonchop responds:

Orcjizzer won it

Pretty good, for a Lock Movie

And just for the record, I'm neutral in the Clock/Lock/Glock war; I want them all to loose. <_< >_> Anyway, about the flash... It was pretty good, making me crack up the first two times I saw it. But, I gotta say, the Yu-Gi-Oh! reference was a real suprise. (Do you really play it?) But, other than that, everything else was LMAO funny. Make more. Peace

Wonchop responds:

I've been on the cartoon on and off but I never really got into the card game