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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"


Omg loved this! I hope to see alot more of good stuff from you dude!

Wonchop responds:



You insulted my furriness and my love of fur-fandom...god damn that was a good movie >.<

Wonchop responds:

Oh shit run for the hills


That was hilarious, especially the bit at the end making fun of Glow.

Wonchop responds:


Hmmmm, I guess its okay

Based upon the comment below, i had thought this was going to be a furry-bashing extrodanaire. Now that i've seen it for myself, its not THAT bad. There wasn't really much humor because the subject of ridiculing other furry fans doesn't exactly make me laugh my ass off. I did like the irony of how the person who hates furries so much is then transformed into a furry.

So yeah, i guess its okay, but seriously, theres no need to make fun of people who like furry art. I do hope that i never have to see a film that bad.

Wonchop responds:

It wasn't really that. This was more making fun of people who go about accusing people of being furries when they aren't.

Fuck you!

I am tired of all you clocks and locks making fun of us. What the hell is wrong with loving furrys? Just because we love non-human creatures of any kind, it gives you guys the right to belittle us? Who the fuck made you guys rulers of our lives, huh?! I'll bet you guys worship Hitler, the Catholic churches, or some other nut-job fascist crap... I mean, look at yourselves. Most you are just a bunch of pissant kids with nothing better to do than insulting others just because they are so much better than you guys will ever be. You little punks need to get off of Newgrounds and never come back until you guys have grown up and learned real life.

Wonchop responds:

Nah, we worship Mexican Candy. It has powers beyond mortal understanding.