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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"


that was a good movie wonchop

Wonchop responds:


Heh..."Faps to orc porn"

good flash, Locks > Clocks

Wonchop responds:


It was okay ^^

I thought it was funny at the end, but the furry bashing in the beggining was...slightly retarded ^^: Oh well, its not like you were making a threat at the fur fandom save for people who are all OMG YOUR A FURRY when your not. (Proud furry here, but i know when people are trying to bash somthing, or when its just for humor -_-')

Wonchop responds:

Indeed. Yiff on.


It was cool and pretty funny, the funniest part is when Cloud lock teach a lesson to Mango for buthoring him.
talking about locks, can you lend me a hand, I've been trying to create my own flash movie , but I just have gotted my Macromedia Flash MX and I don't know how to use it properly to make cool animations like you, could you lend me a hand, contact me in DarkChrisShadows@hotmail ok. Please answer, I really want to make animations but i don't know how.

Wonchop responds:

I don't do tutoring. It takes people half an hour to find a bloody menu.

Brilliant and Original!

Wonchop, you sir are a great artist! I've always enjoyed your submissions. Cool, smooth graphics with great sound and style ( Not to mention Humor!) is always good in my book!

Wonchop responds: