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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"

Maybe that will teach you not to call him a fag!!!

Anyway, I see nothing furry or gay about that drawing. Either MangoLock (He looks like Rayman) is just critizing, or he doesn't know the true meaning of the word "gay." Anyway, the motion and detail on this is incredible. (Thank God Flash Art never gets pixelated) I really like Mango's fast speech although I wish this had longer subtitles. And here I thought CloudLock doesn't speak like Clocks or Locks at all (I watched Cloud's Lamet). He started laughing like a Lock. It was really accurate. And also, Glow's penis didn't look like a penis. It looked like Kirby's hand. Anyway, this is really funny. ROFL I'm giving this an Unknown Award: "Lkrty Splt Syd Spltrz (Lickerty Split Side Spliters)"

W00t. Wonchop = TOTALLY L33TAGE!!

I've seen all the flashes on his site, he's the ultimate ninja/flash-making/warrior monkey! XD

If anyone doesn't like it, i SHOULD PWN THEM ALL!! MWUHAHAHA!!!

^.v back to Wonchop..-.-


PS:Wonchop, the link for "Loviness and Crap" on your site says "404 not found". Please see if you can fix that. ^_^

Flash Score Rating:59 (I.E. OMFG L33T!)

Talonious, Flash Overseer of Newgrounds, Wonchop Fanatic (LOL)


The ending is pure gold, I laughed my ass off ass soon as I saw that (though I don't know who that is). Another good flash from Wonchop, great work!

Freekin Awsome.

Great Flash Dood! funny as fuck ..its the un-nesicary random outbursts that make it great well done !


That was really funny! Good job!