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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"

amazingly great

I have not seen something that looked that good in a long time. The animation and art were masterpieces and to boot it was funny as shit. Great job it kicked ass.

Wonchop responds:

Thankees :D

Yet again, awesome from Wonchop.

Whilst I want to, but never find any free ti... Meh, what am I saying, I'm behind as hell with the crews, so I wouldn't technically get... I'm gonna stop rambling, sorry. Anyways, Wonchop, yet another great flash, yet another extremely small period between flash submission times. Keep it up.

Wonchop responds:

Thankes :D


Didn't see the YGO referance coming.
It was ok, not very amusing tho. The logo "combination" in the preloader doesn't look good imo.
And well, you know. Good luck on this one.

Wonchop responds:

Yeah, I was mostly fiddling there

LOL great stuff man!

Wow that was a piece of art man. That was some pretty funny shit, it was great, confusing but funny. I cant wait to see more of your stuff its awesome.

Wonchop responds:

Ta very muchly


I've recently fell in love with your work Wonchop...I remember seeing a tad of it on the collab Take on Me with Headshot and many other artists? But yeah...Lol I didn't know you joined Lock Legion too. Nice job! Btw is there a program for Phonetics speech?

Wonchop responds:

Speakonia is the most popular one. Google that.