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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"


mango clock hurt my head...
but anyways, good job. the mona locksa looked really good. i dont know how you did it.

Ps:the term you were looking for here on is "Orc-ey"

Wonchop responds:

I drew the Dia Lisa (to give it's proper name) in Photoshop (I didn't actually use OpenCanvas, I put the credits in before I started and forgot to change em ^^;)


Oh... -_-

Wonchop responds:


Actually, the voice is to my liking...

...and the rest of the flash is good, too! The graphics were great, the style was perfect (nice use of alliteration in Mango Lock's part), the sound was perfect (it was a nice contrast to hear both real and Speakonia voices in the same flash), and there was a lot of humor in here (especially with the Yu-Gi-Oh reference)! This is a really great flash! Overall: 9/10

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D


not two shagy

Wonchop responds:

not three scoby either


I love it. its random and its funny

Wonchop responds: