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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"

yet again wonchop you have out done yourself

wonchop you are the lock legions greatest asset and i think you should get your work on to the tv and let the world see your ultimate skllz

Wonchop responds:

Oh pishhog. There are locks that are better than me, such as Dia, but thanks anyway! :D

hehe, I actually got up and did a reveiw...

meaning that I really like this flash(I'm really lazy)... great job Wonchop! :D

Wonchop responds:


Not Bad

That was funny, and overall a good animation, but I didn't like the part that made fun of furry stuff. That's kind of stereotypical >>;

Other than that great work! I look forward to more animations :)

Wonchop responds:

Calling people furries when they're not is baaaad :(


))_________________My Rating_____________________((

Cloud!! I guess.

))_________________My Review____________________((

I haven't heard some much swearing in all my life. LMAO
that was good keep up the good work Wonchop, I hope you get
over your cold soon and thanks for the reponse last time!!
lol "Yogurt with no bits"!!
((Ultimate Dinosaur of the Shadows))

Wonchop responds:

That's a lot of lines O_o

dear god MARRY ME!

Seriously; you are the dude. KEEP 'EM ROLLING!

Wonchop responds:

Sorry I'm currently in relationship