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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"



Wonchop responds:

Thanks =D

Dude What Happened ?

Dude seriously your lasst couple of submissions have been gold. How could you drop the ball on this one? Listening to locks use different incarations of the words furry faggot and fuck is like begging people for cheap laughs. Sorry to do this too you man but I'm giving you a 2/5 rating. Just not funny...

Wonchop responds:

I had a feeling this was running dry on negative reviews :(

that was interesting

That was soooo RANDOM!!!

Wonchop responds:

heh k

Wow :)

Nice one this is the first EVER type of animation like this i've like (ones that use the thing in the face, and the computer voice). So you've done well, I was prepared to give it a zero when I saw the little logo with that stupid key/clock or w.e thing. However this was actually funny and stuff! So it got a 5 :D, keep up the good work.

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D
That's the kinda thing I like to hear. People actually watching the movies before voting.

OMG! That sucked so bad.

I can't believe you STILL do this with your movies... Why do you make them rock so damn much. I hate you for it seriously. This movie is so awesome that I hate it. I hate you and I hate everything.

LOL Makes a change from my usual "I love you" reviews.

Wonchop responds:

Love you too, Zic