Reviews for ""From my Room""

sinffle sniffle sniffle

man, you look at everything on newgrounds, but, when it comes down to, it's beuty that counts. man, when i first saw that it was scary and i was like What the f***. then there's this transiction, from scary, to peaceful. that's just beutiful man. keep up the good work. From now on when i'm having a bad day ahma just come and look at dat. that was tight.


it such a great short film, im soo touched by it, so sweet and innocent
made me all tingly inside..


This is the Titanic of all Flashes, I think. It's short, sweet, and gets right to the point. The animation is great, and the music was loud and crisp.
The ending, along with the music actually made mewant to cry... lol But great job!

beautifully done

this movie is just great. it keeps your attention from start to finish. the creator deserves an award for this and I look forward to more toons from them.


Oh my god, this is so beautifull! From the bottom of my heart, I love this movie! It's so sweet!

As soon as it was over, I had to vry! It was so beautifull!

I wish everybody in the world could become friends, just like those 2!!