Reviews for ""From my Room""

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Damn good stuff man.


I've watched this movie dozens of times over, and every time it sends a chill through my body and brings a tear to my eye. Amazing animation and wonderful use of the music. There'll probably never be another movie like this on Newgrounds.


One of the best on Newgrounds. It is almost perfect and it should be sent into a TV short film station because it has the quality and style that deserves a big award. It is excellent!

That was amazing

I may not be all into serious stuff. But this was extremely well done nonetheless. If you bastards don't like watching stuff that doesn't include blood and sex once and awhile....you obviously have no life. This was an amazingly done flash. Good job to the creator of it.


No matter what anybody else says, this movie is awesome. Your style rocks. And "Welshwonder", did it ever occur to you that the ghost was SUPPOSED to look like that? It's like the Ghost of Animation's past, or something. Do you think he would have done that when it wasn't on purpose? Anyway, great movie, can't wait to see more.