Reviews for ""From my Room""

Just beautiful!!!

It´s a amacing film. Feels like sitting in a cinema. Keep upp the good work!

this is great!

wow..this is the best portal entry i have ever seen yet.i love it.i could actually feel fear at the beginning but yet it is so touching at the end....i hope to see more of stuff like this coming.you are great!

Congratulations to Alex!

Wow, this is really something! That graphics and all.. I really appreciate that someone really try and do beautiful movies, and doesn't just put few shitty-photos together.. as NG here is many very interesting movies etc. but they are made just so terribly, that the good idea goes away when you puke at lookig it.. Really waiting for to see more QUALITY movies areound here.. :)
In this movie's story wasn't very thrilling, but it is SO nicely done, that i must rate it to one of the best i've seen..

this was so sweet. i really liked it!

i thought that was really sweet. i liked it alot. the graphice were great, and the music matched perfectly. i hope you do another one.


that was great alex!! I couldn't stop watching it over and over agian...tobad I suck at it:(