Reviews for ""From my Room""

fucking beautiful!

i finally understand the message. dont be afraid of things that just want to be friends, and dont expect new things to be bad just because they're new. absolutely favved. :)

Absolutely Fantastic

This is an excellent animation, of professional quality. I find it interesting that you used a typical "amateur at Flash" style (thick, flat lines; dull colors; primarily ordinary geometric shapes) and, through the magic of camera angles and skillful animation, make a flash that manages to look very pretty.

I must say, though, it was a LITTLE too short.


This short movie went straight through my heart.
I almost cried at the end.
Gave it a 5/5 :)

hey man good job

i bet that the newgrounds users are thinking that they are dreaming while watching this.cause...if this would be a normal newgrounds thing something creepy killed the little girl.


Just polish up your animation on the little girl, a bit of a dialouge maybe?