Reviews for ""From my Room""

Very well done

Iam doin a course on film studies and this was an excellent piece...very moving and cute if i may say so

ain't that sweet?

Sweet as sweet could be!!
Great work!!
The graphics were great!!
The sound too!!
No more review!


this is the best movie i have ever seen in flash and its the first one that actualy has some meaning, till now i didnt even know if flash could ever be used properly with all these gay fucking pointless "website intro's" and the rest of the junk floating arround that makes macromedia look bad!

Hitchcock, man... Great direction...

I love the use of camera angles in this one, it isn't super special, but this deserves to be on the top 50.
-->O DodgeBall O<--

This was refreshing

I think this falls under the group of ''Nice Flashes'' not some flashy flash or really forced flash to use such methods like shock humour or graphical ability to its level. This is simply a nice flash made by a upcoming artist to newgrounds that deserves to be in the top 50 for showing us true ways of expressing your thoughts in your own positive experiences.

Very good.