Reviews for ""From my Room""

Love this movie

Ok great movie here even as old as it is, it starts off right away wich is pretty nice, but maybe add a preloader with a stop action code so that you can even add a menu page to dress it up kinda nice, great character great movie scenes you have on this, The music is also great with the glowing person or girl, nice flash you have here. Cute movie here.

As for improving i would say ad a menu page and a stop action code, other then that this was pretty nice.


It's a really cute little movie, but the animation is pretty crappy, I guess this is like 10 years old so I won't hold that against it but in any case it's not very enjoyable to look at and that really takes me out of the story.


It's so sweet yet true I just love it


that was beautiful! i loved how he just started playing with her! who was she anyway?

nice very nice.

same reaction as purple ribbion below me, (minus the crying lol).