Reviews for ""From my Room""

The best thing on NG? More like the most hyped.

I honestly do not understand why everyone is giving this video 9's and 10's. To put it frankly, it was stupid. What I saw was a childish animation attempting to be something it could never, ever be. Maybe if the art was something beyond that of a talented four year old, the story could have had SOME of the effect that it was supposed to.
Aside from the pathetic art, there is the matter of this animation lacking any kind of story, implication or meaning like the other serious shorts here normally have. It was something I could have seen on Cartoon Network - a story in which:
Girl wakes up to the toy car - very, very slowly walks downstairs - sees the strange gost-like figure - STARES - STARES MORE - plays with it - The End. It was boring, cliche, and plainly stupid. The music that sounded more like it was from Edward Scissorhands didn't help you much either.
I was expecting something deep or morbid, or at least something interesting to happen. I expected the ghost to DO something, instead of just sit and smile.

I am so incredibly dissapointed with this. It gets three stars because I have the courtesy to try not make the creator feel too bad (If it matters, that is). I cannot fully describe how much I absolutely loathed this animation. I severely hope that the creator can manage to get some actual creativity, and maybe show the possibility of potential.


That was so sweet, it had a nice mysterious build-up to it, but that was so happy. Seriously it made my day, if my heart had a face it would be smiling! XD Nicely done. I enjoyed it very much.


One of the best and emotional flash movies I've seen in a long time. ;)

Brings back good childhood memories! :D

I was scared of the little girl when I was a kid :D


i really like how this flash was both a little creepy and kinda cute. nicely done!