Reviews for ""From my Room""


cute and so awesome

Is it bad...

... that I was expecting her to bite his head off or something? Maybe I've just been watching too much David Firth. Anyway, I really liked this, even if it was a little bit cliched.

I thought that perhaps the beginning was a bit too slow, maybe if you could chop a few seconds out here and there it might make it easier to watch. I think a few viewers may lose interest there otherwise.

Also, I htink the message may be more powerful if you made the girl in the living room a bit less humanoid. Maybe highlight the differences between them both a little by giving her tentacles or extra facial features or something just to really emphasise that different-yet-able-to-co-exist-happil y vibe. Or maybe I'm missng the point of the story and that wasn't intended, I never know anymore.

Made me smile but...

It was a little cliche

Brings back memories.

I remember watchin this back in 2001 and its still great. Also, the guy Vandershmitz who is two reviews below me is a stupid asshole who clearly didn't get it.

Peaceful, realaxing...

A great message, a great thing to make a movie about. I love it. Beautiful.