Reviews for ""From my Room""

Ohh I love this so much! I remember when it was first uploaded! I loved it then and I love it now. It's just so innocent! So much nostalgia! My favourite movie on Newgrounds. EVER!

Had to give a tip of the hat to a classic! I first saw a while back and tonthis day it stands the test of time. Just a well done piece of work all around.

Well, I wasn't expecting something that heartwarming. It really wasn't scary at all. I love the animation. I guess this other character was supposed to be a ghost. She wasn't scary at all! That music was from "Poltergeist"?

It doesn't seem appropriate for the movie! It kind of reminded me of ET. You know, the whole finding a mysterious being and befriending it? A Halloween submission for September? Then again, I already see Halloween stuff now.

Well, this was excellent.

I really love this! This is a really good flash animation for its time, 2001, the ending made me smile, its not like a normal newgrounds animation that's like - KILL BLOOD DEATH!

Did I mention I love this?