Reviews for "SquarTrix"


Submit this to a collection. :)

Foreverkul responds:

Good idea!


I am addicted to this game PLEASE MAKE MORE. Also I found some bugs, when you step on a coin and a coin spawns on you, no more coins spawn. And when a enemy spawns, sometimes it will spawn on you, I don't know if you did that on purpose but it was annoying. My all time highs:680 score. 356 time. :> Great job.

Foreverkul responds:

680 and 356?!!?!?!
Good job!

I loved it!

It's simple but I just couldn't stop playing.

Foreverkul responds:

Thats the point of having fun! :D

This is awsome!

Heck this game rocks ive been playing all kinds of your games today and there awsome man. Good Job!

One of the few fun games to play that's from today

This is more fun to play than many pieces of shit that took 10 times as long to make.

Foreverkul responds:

thanks ^^