Reviews for "SquarTrix"


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Foreverkul responds:

Good idea!


This is a nice little game you made,man."Back to Basics" must have been what you're thinking....and that's good,because in this age of giant Inst. manuals,it really is nice to see a game that says"Don't touch this guy,and try to get this guy",instaed of the"Once you get this,Move 3 degrees right and place whatever to advance in the right direction,and,blah,blah,blah"

Good Game

Foreverkul responds:

Fisrt I click here then I move here and do a thing to switch this lever and - Ah, nevermind, thanks for the review!

not a bad game.

i emphasize on the game part. ur graphics looked like ass and i hated your music. improve those and this would be a sweet game.

Foreverkul responds:

The graphics are purposefully simple, and if you dont like the music, upload your own! You need to survive 60 seconds on time mode first.

Is cool its cool

it a good game not the most origanal game anyone ever heard of squre's. But it keept me inteand for ten minaties and any thing that can hold my ation that long has to be ok.

Foreverkul responds:

Don't forget to try and unlock the extras!

Seen to much...

I've seen way to much just like this game... try something more original. The sounds rocked though.

Foreverkul responds:

Try giving higher scores next time :)