Reviews for "SquarTrix"

fun game but...

the graphics sucks!and the release and hold thing has bugs

This is awsome!

Heck this game rocks ive been playing all kinds of your games today and there awsome man. Good Job!

Simple and fun.

It could have more though. Maybe you should make a new version, firstly I'd add a button allowing the player to mute it. I'd also add more obstacles, maybe not just squares but enemies of different shapes that do different things, such as expand or explode and if you're nearby you lose. On this game, I felt the different features and two different games made it quite addictive but after a while it certainly gets repetetive. I think you should work on it, maybe have colourful backgrounds and similar upgrades if you're going to make another. Not bad.

Foreverkul responds:

Or maybe I should make the menu options more obvious! There were a few different musics and you could even upload your own if you got 60 seconds on time mode.

I loved it!

It's simple but I just couldn't stop playing.

Foreverkul responds:

Thats the point of having fun! :D


I am addicted to this game PLEASE MAKE MORE. Also I found some bugs, when you step on a coin and a coin spawns on you, no more coins spawn. And when a enemy spawns, sometimes it will spawn on you, I don't know if you did that on purpose but it was annoying. My all time highs:680 score. 356 time. :> Great job.

Foreverkul responds:

680 and 356?!!?!?!
Good job!