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Reviews for "Magneto Syndrome pt.1"

I like this game

This game is very fine. It's made good and without errors. Playing was great fun.

reposted walkthrough

1: Click the scissors
2: Click the guys head
3: Click the key in the guys coat
4: Click the lock on the cabinet closest to the computers
5: Click the block
6: Click the metal/glass cabinet (the side, not the glass part)
7: Click the key in the lock
8: Click the second lock
9: Click the cup
10: Click the table
11: Click the metal/glass cabinet (click the side of the cabinet)
12: Click the table
13: Click the lamp
14: Click the switch under the lamp
15: Turn it on max
16: Sit and watch.


Every now and then ill come across somthing i really really like on this site great job man keep that up and hurry up... reminds me of the old computer games where u had an awesome looking environment but it was click and shit and stuff opened it was kewl tho neway yeah hurry up...

killer first part....

this game was really fun, i loved the overall look and the main character, i cant wait for the others.

Really Good

I had to use a walkthrough for all the tiny things i needed to interact with though. I'm gonna play part 2 now!