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Reviews for "Magneto Syndrome pt.1"

here a walkthough

1. press scissor and kill scientest
2. open the first cabinet by the little circle to the right with the key on the scientest coat
3. get the metal box and throw it to the window cabinet
4. here where your most likly confused grab the key still in the circle and put to the next circle to the left of where you got the metal box
5. put the glass to the table
6. shake the glass cabinet
7. move table by clicking the table then click the light to the front
8. click the temperture device and put it at max



This is an awesome logic game, cant wait for the others

Come on wheres the other parts!!!!!!!!

I want the other 5 PARTS!!


- Press the scissors that are located on the table, They are easy too be spotted as they are bright silver on a dull table

- Next, press the scientist in the chairs head, this will kill him

- Then click the little gold thing in his pocket, this is a key

- On the left of the scientist behind the computer equipment there are cabinets, On one of the cabinets closest too the scientist click the little silver key hole on it.

- When it opens click the box inside, Then use the box on the glass cabinet on the other side of the wall that is above the trolley/table

- Press the key you originally put in the first key hole, then press on the next little silver key hole located on the next cabinet

- Inside this is another metal box, Click on it and use it on the table/trolley on the the other side of the room.

- As the glass cabinet above the trolley/table is smashed due too throwing the first metal box at it. You can now shake the cabinet causing red liquid too eminate and fall down into the metal box that is on the table/trolley.

- Click on the legs of the table/trolly and press again on the light bulb which is located just above it near the entrance.

- Click the little switch on the wall and it comes up with three options, choose the max one. This will make the metal container containing the red liquid start too gas, This causes the gas too destroy most of the room and release you from the glass tube.

Note : If any points are miss-followed you will have too start again from the beggining.