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Reviews for "Magneto Syndrome pt.1"

What the Piss?

i feel like a freaking idiot can someone please tell me what the hell i have to do to beat this?


It was awesome kept me thinking

Though it needs to tell you when you've screwed up so you don't keep playing

Or maybe I'm just a dumbass

When's the next one gonna be along?

not that good but still fun so you need to work on

it you could improve this game big time

not bad

Wow I-Medved, English much? And chill out man. Anyways, this game was short, but I liked it. No room for error, but that's not exactly a new concept. Here ya go, have an 8.


please make more to it tho...it was REALLY short...and also, you should add something that tells you that u just fucked up, cuz like if u make a mistake after the guy is dead u have to figure that out for yourself. naaa nm leave it that way lol.