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Reviews for "Magneto Syndrome pt.1"

Pretty good

Didn't take me long to beat it, but it took some thinking to get it done. I'll enjoy playing the rest of the magneto syndrome parts. Now to sooperdood4. Your inability to get out of the room says more about you than the game. Honestly it isn't a very long game, surely your brain can hold out for a minute or two. Take time and look around the room instead of clicking randomly and expecting a miracle. That's the entire point of games like this.


This game SUCKS!!!!!!! I can't get out of the frick'n first room!!!!!!! >: (


i figured it out..:O!!..it was a pain, but if enough people want to know ill put down the guide to beating it.


good game very hard
lack of instructions and no storyline got u a 6/10 and 2/5


fun but hard