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Reviews for "Endless War 2"


One of the best games i've played on this site. For all those who say its too hard, your idiots. All you have to do on half of the missions to wipe out all the enimies is use nades. In some terroist missions where you get FRAG Grenades, thats all you have to do. I gave ya a 10/10 becuase thats what you deserve.

1 of my favorites

best game ever to me
i like it allot
a squad based game gone flash
wish there was more options 4 your team
but still one of the best game out now
is there going to be a # 3 for this serius

Omg, this is the best game on NG! But can be made!

This is an awesome game! Great missions and level layout even though the enemies glitch sometimes still, like the guys behind windows that try to get out. If you can put online play to this, like 3 players are americans and the 3 are russians of something like that, it would be great. Or even if you just put in co-op play for levels, it would be good. Maybe even more squad commands like to have them throw grenades. Finally, you should put in non-war missions like paintball missions or assasin levels or caveman missions to add variety, like the blood missions but better. If you can do this in like, Endless war 3, it would be big.

pretty good stoot'em up

cut scenes would have help in the game to understand wat was goin on

Very original

I loved the way you presented this third-person shooter with the vertical view. Very original. Or at least I've never seen a game that was like this. Plenty of missions, plenty of blood and violence. Love it. Graphics could be better though.