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Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"


Oh my goodness, that was wonderful! I've been playing DOOM ever since 1993 (and still do), and I just loved this one. Great work! ^_^

Oh dear lord...

How sad am I? I've actually read the book and got every reference in that... AND YOU FORGOT JOHN CARMACK'S SPEECH IMPEDIMENT!!

Fuckin awesome film, keep it up.


ITS REALLY AWESOME ! XD HAHAHAH ROFL ! If you wanna understand all you must know total DOOM and History of ID SOFT or must play DOOM MP (ZDaemon or Skulltag)


i have wondered that is this gonna have masters of doom 2 or sumthin or is it just a single parody.oh yeah and about this, FUN AS HELL!

i love it!

"masters of doom!! the animated series!" i love to hear that,
never get tired, its bad ass. also whole animation was entertainning.
bfg blast was awesome too.