Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"

Haha, great job.


What is he doing? Scuba diving? AH HA AH HA

I loved every minute of it. The greatest tribute to id Software ever conceived...

For those of you oblivious:
- "Suck it down" was a phrase John Romero used frequently to advertise Daikatana
- Tom Hall is credited to creating the teleporter in Doom
- Spider-mind a terrible thing to waste? They made a bunch of concept art for the Spider Mastermind, but it never made it into Doom 3
- "These games are getting really realistic" is a phrase that Bill Gates used in his horribly made Doom video demonstration for Windows 95
- John Carmack used to own a red Ferrari 308, before he donated it as a prize for a QuakeCon tourney (Thresh won it)
- "To win the game you must kill me, John Romero" is what plays when you encounter the final boss in Doom 2, but backwards and distorted to sound more demonic
- Not related to the flash, but Tom Hall left id Software in between Doom and Doom 2, joined Apogee/3D Realms, and became the lead game designer for Rise of the Triad


I liked it. Didn't understand everything like the robot guy or the special ed. guy, but it made me laugh.


ITS REALLY AWESOME ! XD HAHAHAH ROFL ! If you wanna understand all you must know total DOOM and History of ID SOFT or must play DOOM MP (ZDaemon or Skulltag)

i love it!

"masters of doom!! the animated series!" i love to hear that,
never get tired, its bad ass. also whole animation was entertainning.
bfg blast was awesome too.