Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"


Great flash!

Best Work on Newgrounds

This is only the best work on Newgrounds! It should have a permanent place on the front page. I can't wait to check out your websites for more awesome movies and flash cartoons! Keep them coming you guys!

von-Brunk responds:

Thank you very much, completely random stranger to whom (I swear) I've never met before! It's good to see people who I don't know in real life writing good reviews for my hard worked cartoons. What'd you say your name was again, kid? Perhaps we'll bump into one another someday...

I've seen so much of your work

And MOD: TAS is one of the best, and did indeed wind up being part of a DOOM collection.


read the book ages ago, saw it on the doom tributes page and had to watch. nice work man.

That's probably how they act.

I bet that's how they act when they're together.

I agree with John, Coke is better than Pepsi. If I don't get Coke, I'll raise Hell!