Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"


Great work guys it was the shit...and whats with all these bitchs hateing on it?



"he took a deep breath. then he handed bill gates a shotgun."

good job, almost a flash summary of the whole thing :)

The Best

Best Doom tribrute ever on Newgrounds

tom hall was so cute! like a little kid thinks hes superhero, it make my hearth warm and made me cry because i remember the days when i was like him c';
i wonder what happend to him he became badass

That was awesome!

I completely forgot about this. I loved it back when it came out, but I can definitely appreciate it more now that I've read the book; at least when it comes to just how perfect you captured their personalities and used them to make great caricatures. I could rag on you for being inconsistent with the timeline, but I'd just be a jackass. Afterall it is just a cartoon.

My only real problem is that the voice acting sometimes had a grainy quality, both in the actual recording and the actor though for the most part the acting was fairly decent.

I really wish there was a sequel though. If you ever dust the concept of making this a series again, you'll have at least one guy anticipating it.