Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"

God it was good

God damnit, this was hillarious, I haven't read the bood, but I still am playing Doom, because it's a classic and better then new Quakes and shit. Anyway, this movie got boring at the end, but I guess it's because I haven't read "Masters of Doom", still I loved the part where Bill Gates? got shot in the replay while speaking german. It was a kind of refferance to wolfenstein I guess :D it was brilliant.
Anyone who hated this most probobly hasn't palayed Doom at all. And that is forgivable.
Ok.. this should be enough :D have a good day mister.

Best Work on Newgrounds

This is only the best work on Newgrounds! It should have a permanent place on the front page. I can't wait to check out your websites for more awesome movies and flash cartoons! Keep them coming you guys!

von-Brunk responds:

Thank you very much, completely random stranger to whom (I swear) I've never met before! It's good to see people who I don't know in real life writing good reviews for my hard worked cartoons. What'd you say your name was again, kid? Perhaps we'll bump into one another someday...

Fuckin A!

This is one of the best (and only) doom flash i've ever seen!

Some of the best on Newgrounds.

This is a very well made flash cartoon that really pushes flash-cartooning to its potential. Instead of just old Street Fighter sprites doing something dumb, it's original, it's fresh, it's great. It has the excellent graphics and sound that we've come to expect from anything of yours. The story is good, it's deep, but not so complex that you had to have written the book and/or made the cartoon to understand.

If every cartoon was as well put together as this, Newgrounds would be a better place. I salute you, Mr. Brunk.

dude that is awesom!

i'd like to think of my self as a know-it-at type of guy when it comes to doom and castle wolfenstien and seeing this flash really made my day

(P.S Please comment!)

von-Brunk responds:

Thanks! I am always happy to see classic Doom and Wolf3D fans! Check out the Masters of Doom: The Animated Series wikipedia article for some cool background info!