Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"


Oh man this kicked ass. I'm like the biggest doom fan. I really love how you showed all their unique personalities. I was pissing myself the entire time. I know everything about these guys so thats what really allowed me to enjoy it.

I can understand why the rookies reviewing before me didnt enjoy it, i mean you really need to know not just IDs games but you need to understand the personalities of the people behind it to get the jokes.

But all in all... awesome!

not tried

This game is in the wrong section, this section is for the Doom the pc game and movies not a sitcom

von-Brunk responds:

Jesus, you're an idiot. Are kids these days getting dumber or something?

I've seen so much of your work

And MOD: TAS is one of the best, and did indeed wind up being part of a DOOM collection.

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Couldn't John Romero go "Icon of Sin" on their asses?

Suck it down!

Only an old-school ID fan would truly get this and appreciate this.

Great work, man!