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Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"

I voted 4

I really wish the next episode's coming next week.

von-Brunk responds:

Thanks, but there's not actually going to be any more episodes. The whole gag behind this cartoon is that it seems like it's part of a whole series.

Well, maybe in the future if the demand is high enough, we might make some more.

Good, but could use a bit of polish.

Graphics were competent, but weren't animated, and could stand to be a little cleaner. But, this being Newgrounds I should give you a totally heterosexual hug for NOT using stick figures as your primary character models.

Style was good however, and the rendering of John Romero was spot on, with his rock start hair and whatnot. The addition of actual Doom sprites for random background details worked better than it should have any right to.

Sound could use some work. The voice acting was somewhere between good and not so good. For as compressed as the audio was, I'm confused as to why the file size was so big. With the same quality sound and animation this could have been a 3mb movie.

In the violence department, being that its doom, you'd expect to see some dead demons every now and then. And yes, I did see some dead demons in this movie. Well, some dead everything was to be had. Like multiple dead John Carmacks. At least now I know the dangers of ingesting Diet Pepsi.

Though the pacing was slow for my tastes, there were some good jokes in this movie. Specifically the kill cam replay of Romero shooting the professor. Though some of the humor was canned, I did laugh a few times, which for someone as bitter and angry as me is very rare.

Overall, it ran slow, got boring in the middle, but had some good ideas that should be exploited in the next episode.

von-Brunk responds:

First off, thank you for the intelligent review. Your criticism is greatly appreciated. As for sprites, we wanted to keep them at a minimum and only use them where necessary (and only use them where we felt it would enhance the jokes for fans).

As for the high file size, that was mostly in part of a few character models and background gags which were detailed and laggy (i.e., the outside shot of the pizza shop, the Ferrari, the guys in the background of the pizza shop and the mountains of hell). Plus the songs in the background were very large files, even when we compressed and chopped them.

For the graphics, we didn't want to animate them too much to avoid them appearing chaotic (people tend to focus better when the objects talking are plain and simple), especially given that the majority of the cartoon was dialogue. And that brings up the topic of pacing, which is something we'll try to fix with our future cartoons. We tried to keep things interesting, given the amount of dialogue spoken.

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that was great i loved it can't wait till the next 1 (can't think of anything 4 u 2 improve)
keep up the good work
o yeah and the masters of doom the animated series thing i think was shown 1 2 many times it started 2 get annoying

You are a genius.

I love DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D. I have this mod for Wolf3D called WolfenDOOM 3D. Anyway... The flash was one of the best that I've ever seen. You are such a freaking genius!!! Make a whole series!!