Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"


Bam! Don't interrupt me!


Holy cow, that was truly unique. 10 out of 10 from me is extremely high praise by the way. I'm always trashing things that only moderately suck. "Legs are inefficient. I upgraded." Kickass! Poor Martin Van Buren. Very nice use of sounds from the game, too. I'm always hearing doom sounds stolen by completely unrelated other things as if I'm not supposed to notice. Hell was especially nice, with the John Romero head sitting there screaming that sound.

That was awesome!

I completely forgot about this. I loved it back when it came out, but I can definitely appreciate it more now that I've read the book; at least when it comes to just how perfect you captured their personalities and used them to make great caricatures. I could rag on you for being inconsistent with the timeline, but I'd just be a jackass. Afterall it is just a cartoon.

My only real problem is that the voice acting sometimes had a grainy quality, both in the actual recording and the actor though for the most part the acting was fairly decent.

I really wish there was a sequel though. If you ever dust the concept of making this a series again, you'll have at least one guy anticipating it.

i love it!

"masters of doom!! the animated series!" i love to hear that,
never get tired, its bad ass. also whole animation was entertainning.
bfg blast was awesome too.


lol greeattttttttt