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Reviews for "Flash Racer"

Fast and the <blank>

Very addictive game but the controls can use a tweak

Nice game, but has some work to do on it

This game is nice, but you have to put some more work on it.

First, the collisions. Sometimes you collide with walls when you're not even near them.

Second, sounds. Only music doesn't work, and the music is in bad quality.

Third, performance. Even in Low quality, this game is running very slowly.

Keep up the good work.

Cool, but...

In my opinion it is a very nice job. The collision detection is VERY awkward and perhaps even unrealitistic.

Graphics - Vehicles have quite a bit of variety, but the tracks are a bit blurry.

Style - Plays well but perhaps a tad too short. I also liked how you incorperated serveral different styles of playing with the weapons (do you blow stuff up, or do you just keep the pedal to the metal, etc) and characters seem properly stereotyped (that is, if they were ment to be stereotyped). Could use a bigger field of cars (like about 5-6) during racing too, but with the collision system as is that might be a bad idea.

Sound - Sound is perhaps a bit TOO compressed, try using a bit less compression so it sounds a bit better. The lack of vehicle sounds is a big letdown too.

You get 4/5 from me.

it was great

i am a game desiner and im still working on scroll shooter games. this must have took forever... u ahev sum kickass ideas... only thing that was bad was no sound effect... id be glad to play ur other games

Great idea...

But it needs work. The different options and race types are good, but the game still gets boring after awhile. The graphics are so-so. The tracks are good but the whole bouncing off the grass thing has got to go. The music is ok, but a little annoying.